Is uv light in ac worth it?

They're inexpensive, effective, and easy to maintain, making them an obvious choice for anyone with a home air conditioning system. Even if your air conditioning system has a high-quality air filter, adding UV light will help kill microorganisms and bacteria that may be small enough to pass through the filter. In addition, UV lights have been shown to work specifically for the use of air conditioning systems. A 2001 study conducted by the American Society for Microbiology showed that spiral disinfectant lights dramatically reduced the amount of live fungi in an office's air conditioning system.

If you're thinking about adding UV lights to your air conditioning system, there are only two types to choose from.


lights purify the air that circulates through the HVAC system and eliminate contaminants such as bacteria and germs. Since UV lights only kill germs when the device is turned on, run the system for a few hours after installation. For example, symptoms of black mold in an air conditioner include headaches that go away when outside, coughing, sneezing, rash, nausea, and fatigue.

In addition, UV lights can prevent the occurrence of these types of problems. By placing UV lights on systems, air conditioning condenser coils or main ducts, the intention is to kill these microorganisms in a clean and efficient way to purify the air in your home. Because disinfectant lights clean the air that enters through the return grilles, the air is disinfected when it enters the HVAC system. You can add super powerful UV light to your air conditioning system, but that's probably an exaggeration and will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. One of the claims that some HVAC companies make is that an ultraviolet light in your HVAC system can kill viruses.

UV duct lights or germicidal air HVAC lights are designed to remove allergens and contaminants from the air that make their way through return vents. Finally, some HVAC technicians who work in sales rely on UV light treatment in their system because it can kill bacteria. While their cleansing power is not visible to the human eye, several studies suggest that UV lights kill germs at a high rate. Installing a UV HVAC lamp benefits everyone in your home, especially people with allergies and respiratory problems.

If you're just sneezing but don't have other symptoms, dust or dandruff could be the real cause of the problem, and unfortunately, UV lights can't fix those problems. There are several points that HVAC technicians will use to recommend that you add a UV filter to your system. UV HVAC lights have many advantages, from reducing allergies and energy costs to preventing common air conditioning damage. All in all, the UV lights that your HVAC company is trying to sell you are probably a waste of money, and it would be much better if you manually repair your system once per year.

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