How much electricity does a uv nail lamp use?

UV lamps emit 72 or 36 watts of energy, and UV lamps emit a wider spectrum of UV light for better curing. However, LED lamps require much less energy to achieve the same result: usually only 9 or 24 watts. The recommended wattage for professional UV nail lamps is 36 watts. Each UV bulb inside is 9 W or less. Most professional LED and UV nail lamps have at least 36 watts.

This is because higher wattage bulbs can cure gel polish faster, which is very important in a beauty salon. In the case of LED enamel, a high-power LED lamp can dry it in a matter of seconds, while a UV lamp will always take a little longer. An LED lamp emits light wavelengths of 365 nanometers, while a UV gel lamp emits around 350 nanometers. Some gel polishes are formulated for use only with UV nail lamps, while others require LED light.

The advantage of curing lights that emit shorter wavelengths is that gels that cure in the UV range cure much better. However, UV lamps emit a wider spectrum of UV wavelengths, while LED lamps have a narrower focus. While using a UV lamp once or twice doesn't pose a serious risk, using UV lamps for years can considerably increase your chances. While exposure to UV rays has been shown to cause little or no harm to your client's skin, if you have any doubts, it's best to use LED lamps, as they don't use UV light and therefore pose no risk.

An LED light will heal your gel nails faster and, at the same time, protect you from harmful UV rays, as it uses a narrow light spectrum and is more durable than a UV light. The next phase of hardening the lights was much smaller and used two 4-watt fluorescent bulbs that emitted visible and UV light.

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