Are uv hvac lights worth it?

With a more efficient unit, you'll spend less money on repairs and maintenance. That's why UV disinfectant lights can be a useful addition to any home with a central air conditioning system. Whether you want to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning system or keep the effects of allergens away, a UV lamp is a smart long-term investment. UV lights are one of the best improvements you can make to your home's air conditioning system.

UV lights are the best way to keep the air you breathe safe. They are economical, effective and easy to maintain, making them obvious to anyone who has a home air conditioning system.


lighting improves indoor air quality and airflow by removing particles such as mold and bacteria. This allows the machine to operate more efficiently and produce better air and cleaner.

UV light has germicidal properties, making it ideal for disinfecting air passing through the HVAC system. All in all, the UV lights that your HVAC company is trying to sell you are probably a waste of money, and it would be much better if you manually repair your system once a year. UV lights are effective against virtually all viruses, bacteria, molds and fungi that pass directly through rays. This is the main reason why the UV lights in your air conditioning system will most likely not help prevent the spread of COVID-19. In areas that are particularly susceptible to mold and bacterial growth, such as areas with high humidity, UV light units are an obvious choice for your HVAC system.

The most common type of HVAC light is a duct light placed near the central air system fan. We recommend that you add a reminder to replace UV light to your HVAC maintenance checklist, so you don't forget it. More recently, UV lights have gained popularity because they are said to be effective in killing the new coronavirus, COVID-19. If you are already convinced of the benefits of UV lights to keep your air conditioning system clean and safe, use the following tool to find the best HVAC installers in your area and find the best offer on installing UV lights for your HVAC system. To begin with, let's make it clear that UV lights work in the manner described; they are capable of killing airborne microorganisms, such as mold, bacteria, viruses and fungi. A more complicated system with lights mounted on all ducts will be better for keeping the system clean, but installing them is more difficult and expensive.

Unlike a filter that traps particles larger than a certain size, an ultraviolet purifier acts directly on specific types of particles and kills bacteria, viruses, or mold cells that could otherwise make family members sick. For example, some UV lights come with a standard 110 V plug, which you can use to easily supply a flow of electricity to the unit. UV HVAC lights are relatively affordable, especially compared to air filtration systems, such as air purifiers and filters. Installing a UV HVAC light benefits everyone in your home, especially people with allergies and respiratory problems.

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