How many watts do you need for uv gel nails?

Most professional LED and UV nail lamps have at least 36 watts. This is because higher wattage bulbs can cure gel polish faster, which is very important in a beauty salon. In the case of LED enamel, a high-power LED lamp can dry it in a matter of seconds, while a UV lamp will always take a little longer. A 36 watt LED lamp is perfect for curing effectively gel nails.

This type of lamp emits UV rays that activate the photoinitiators of gel polish, allowing it to heal quickly. Wattage and watts are not the same thing as brightness or intensity. Both LED and traditional style lamps consume electricity. And electricity is measured in watts, but the light emitted is measured in lumens.

Professional UV lamps for nails should have a power of 36 watts. Each UV bulb inside is no more than 9 W). If you do a price comparison, you might find that buying a UV lamp costs less initially than an LED bulb. This type of lamp consumes less energy compared to traditional UV lamps and, at the same time, provides optimal results without damaging the harmful rays emitted by UV bulbs. An LED lamp emits light at a UV wavelength that is optimal for curing gels or other types of nail polish.

The brand specifies whether UV LED light is needed to decorate nails or conventional UV light to cure the product. People often use those that can be treated with the help of UV lights because the finish is much better, they look good when applied to the nails, and they last much longer than other nail gels. UV lamps emit 72 or 36 watts of energy, and UV lamps emit a wider spectrum of UV light for a better cured.

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